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Microgaming Classic Slots With Bonus Games

Slots has evolved from three real classic slots to five reel video slots in the past couple of years. Through the evolution of the game several bonuses have been introduced in the latest five reel video slots and one would normally expect bonus games in the five reel games but still there are many players who love to play classic slots. Hence, certain leading casino software providers like Microgaming has come up with classic slots with bonus games. In this article, you will read about Microgaming classic slots that offer bonuses on the three reel slot machines.

Microgaming classic slots games like Bull’s eye have three reels on which boldly crafted symbols are used. Classic bars and cherries are some of the very old and known symbols used in this game. In this Microgaming classic slots machine, there are dart symbols which also act as wild symbols that can act as a 2 x multiplier. The players can wager three coins and even the bonus game can be activated in which a revolving dart board is displayed on the second screen and every segment of the board contains a bonus. It is put into motion and when it comes to rest then to which ever segment the pointer points the player gets that bonus.

Slots are available in multiple reels and there are many major brands which offer top notch slots/video slots games with big jackpots to be won. Online Slots is a game based on luck and it gives immense pleasure playing this game online. Bonus is the thing which attracts more and more players to play this game. There are other types of Microgaming classic slots games in which jackpot payout of 5000 coins with three coins wagered can be earned. In Sizzling Scorpion, a bright sun is the symbol on the reel.  If a buzzard symbol appears on the third reel then that triggers the bonus game. The players get to choose from three scorpions that go for a race in the desert and the bonus is awarded to the player at the end. It depends upon the position of the chosen scorpion. The first price is 100 coins and 50 and 30 coins are respectively given to the first runners up and second runners up. You can choose the number of coins you want to wager as per your budget.

Microgaming classic slots games like Lucky charmer which is a single pay line classic slots game and awards a jackpot of 5000 coins when a symbol appears on all the three reels with three coins wagered. The traditional cherry has been replaced by the Indian red chilli in this game. If two king cobra symbols appear then a bonus game is triggered on the second screen where the player has to choose from three flutes. The player is awarded by the object that emerges from one of the baskets that the player chooses. All these Microgaming classic slots games are theme based and are presented in a very lively fashion that is sure to be appreciated by the players.

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