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To win in the game of blackjack is not that difficult or impossible. All it really takes is an understanding of basic blackjack strategy that know best calculated times to stand, hit or surrender, and the ability to keep track of card counting and knowing how to bet. Above all, good money management skills and patience is golden.

You must treat the blackjack as a job and not so much as a game if you want to win money. Do not be stupid and do not be greedy. Many players lose all their money because they get greedy with their investments or they are in too great a hurry to win it all back. This happens especially in the casinos where people get drunk and exhausted from hours of play and drink. Remember to bet small and be patient. If you do not have a huge bank, it is not a wise idea to keep doubling your bets after a loss.

Before you go to another casino, it is important to know the basic strategy for blackjack. Knowing this will just let the house edge to 0.44% over the player. The basic strategy for blackjack tells the best choice for hitting, standing, expansion and surrender to what cards the house has.

In card counting just remember that you start at zero and is always count on. Cards 2-6 have a value of 1 and a short 10-ace has a value of -1. Cards 7-9 are neutral and have zero value. When the hands are dealt, you start counting. You want to make larger bets when the count is very high (which means very low cards have been dealt, which makes the likelihood of dealing with high short on the next round of increases).

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Let's consider a situation where the dealer has 7 points or higher. The probability that the second card from the dealer will be a dozen large, that will give him 17 points or more. If the dealer has 17 + points, and we have less, we will lose. If we have less than 17, the probability of a draw is low, the only way for us to win - it's overkill at the dealer, which is unlikely for 7 points or higher. For this reason, when the dealer has 7 + points, we need to score 17 and above. Thus, we take up our 17 and above, when the dealer has 7 + points at least to reduce the distribution to a draw.

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