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As a rule, the most common strategy for the game of Blackjack is considered a basic strategy of the game. Many novice and professional players use this tactic for sixty years. But this game tactics can be misused, leading to serious errors in the game, which often cost the player a decent amount of money. Many players make the same mistakes when using this strategy game. With the help of computer analysis, analysts conducted a study of a great number of games played blackjack, which allowed to find out the most common mistakes players applying basic game tactics. Many players think that the transoms game cards will lead to the addition of 10 game points. Based on this, they do not get in the presence of 12 points. Other players are convinced that the game dealer in any case, there is a ten card, which is also considered to be a big mistake. Such errors are quite a few, and each increases the advantage of gaming establishments in this slot, the game of Blackjack.

Blackjack for Android becomes a natural step for the game to take, to allow for all the world's players to avoid being tied to a computer, but rather be able to play it anywhere, anytime. Android Blackjack makes it possible to better than practicing their skills in the game played in casinos in all times. Very entertaining and at the same time thrilling.

The basic thing to know about blackjack is that it involves that one should get as close to 21 as possible. The number of decks one uses when playing varies quite a lot, but usually equal anywhere between two to eight. Getting 21 is the ultimate, but it does not happen as often as you might think. Therefore you have to play smart, because it is namely not other players who you play against, but actually the dealer that is the one you have to beat. The values ​​of the cards varies , with face cards are worth 10, aces are either 11 or 1 and all others are worth their denominations. You get two cards dealt to it by the dealer, after having done his work, and would get 21 right, you get blackjack, and it usually results in that one is not in the game anymore, but profits are given directly, based on how much one has invested.

The rules of when a dealer must stay, then when the dealer who also receives cards must stop pulling, varies depending on what rules they choose to follow. It is in any case that the dealer must draw cards only up to a certain value, then it must stop. The same applies if it is the case that the dealer has low cards, then the pull until it receives a certain value. Then it is for you to put up the strategy carefully for what the dealer could possibly get, and make sure your hand is higher than the dealer's final will be. If you succeed with it, you win and it would be so that the result is the same so you will usually get back your bet.

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