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Casino Bonuses are very important for every player who wants to get away from gambling at online casinos is not only fun, but also a real money - with the help of bonuses you can significantly reduce their spending on the game and put the money received "a gift" from the casino. Modern casino, however, offer a new and regular players a number of bonuses that the variety of species, conditions and other parameters is easy to get confused. Therefore, before you register with the casino and to agree to any bonus, be sure to find out what they are.

Welcome bonus - the first thing a new player faces for the first time visiting the site online casino. Such a bonus is offered only for beginners, register an account and have made your first deposit. Skill is some percentage of the first deposit - it may vary from 25% to 500% depending on the conditions of places. For example, a welcome bonus of 50% up to $ 100 means that if you commit to the expense of $ 100, you get 50 more - and thus, your bankroll will be $ 150. Limiting the size of the bonus of $ 100 means that, even at the expense of making $ 300, you still get only 100 - although 50% of the 300 - it's $ 150.

Another popular kind of bonus - the so-called no deposit bonus. Usually it as a welcome bonus offered to new players who have registered an account - and in fact is a small amount of money that a player receives from the casino for free. The size of this bonus may range from 5 to 50 dollars, and all that is needed to produce it - sign up at the casino. It should be noted that in practice no deposit bonus is not always a bargain - the conditions for such wagering shareware gift from the casino is usually very tight and vizier can range from x 70 to x 100 and more.

Bonus on re-deposits is intended to encourage players to continue playing at the casino: and make a second, third and so on deposits. Typically, the size of the bonus varies from 50% to 100% of the payment amount to a restriction on the maximum amount of the bonus. Another way to get extra money from the casino, which is used by regular players places - a bonus depending on the payment method. The amount of such bonuses are usually small - 10-15%, and they are charged only if the player to make a deposit using any of the special payment methods. Most often, bonus money awarded to players, update your account through electronic wallets type Money bookers, Kneeler, Ukase, and so on, but the conditions for granting such bonuses always depend only on the policy of the online casino. Kneeler , Ukase, and so on, but the conditions for granting such bonuses always depend only on the policy of the online casino.

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