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Roulette is quite a fun game, but not play it for a long time (or at least make a small bet), high values ??of the benefits of a casino in this game will lead you to the loss. And best of all it does not play, there are other games that are more favorable to the players in terms of a negative expectation. Look towards the games with the lowest house edge - Baccarat, Blackjack or Craps. If you still can play roulette, be sure to calculate how much you can lose.

Try to find a European version of the game with one 0 This type of roulette has a 2.7% house edge, as opposed to American (two-0), where is the advantage of 5.26%. Also pay attention to your casino where tables are presented without zero. Never play American roulette , and if you do, and began, then do not put on the 5 rooms (0,00,1,2,3). At this rate advantage of the gambling house is as much as 7.29%!

Do not be fooled into thinking that a certain number or color "should" fall out. If the red fell 20 times in a row, does not mean that the next roll of the black was a better chance of coming out. More information about this can be found in our article Delusions players. Do not use dangerous game systems such as the Martingale . If you really want to play in, choose a more conservative options.

However, this does not stop unscrupulous sellers of all kinds of "super-duper-mega profitable systems play in a casino." Internet is teeming with their advertising. All these systems are complete nonsense. If they worked, their authors would sit on his win millions, but not hungry to get your 30-50 dollars. And yourself gambling establishments would have gone bankrupt or have found flaws in the rules and changed them so close any loopholes. Never buy on the Internet is no "win-win" systems.

Never lose your mind. If you play on a roulette system, a step not deviate from it. Roulette systems have been developed over the centuries and, as a rule, give the most optimal variants for games at online casinos. Whatever the number did not drop out before, the current result of the game they have no effect. Even if twenty consecutive roulette wheel gives us red, the drop rate of red on the next spin the roulette is the same as before. This fundamental error online casino players, fans and roulette lottery! Playing roulette and other casino games, learn to control yourself. Try to set realistic plans. Do not go on about the roulette. In any case, do not continue to play at an online casino after reaching a specified amount.

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