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It is in this category that we find the greatest diversity, but this is just pure fact because almost all work the same way. The problem with these machines that seem attractive at first sight is that to hit the jackpot you often play dozens of chips each time (more than 100 tokens), multiplied by the cost of a token (from 1 cent to 5 €) it can quickly go back to the very expensive part.

On these machines, which are generally the most expensive you play from January to March paylines simultaneously, their rates are generally between € 0.20 to € 5. They offer the biggest jackpot but also the least likely to win, they are most often used by people with deep pockets because are very expensive in the long run. If you can not afford your ambitions go to the second part of the article.

Play on these machines with the maximum bet because it is your only chance to hope to hit the jackpot you need to play at least 100 rounds with your initial bet if you want to have a real chance to hit a jackpot that will make you beautiful start winning. You have a budget of 200 €, you should choose a machine with one single line to put € 2 or 3 machine pay lines € 0.50 bet. In the first case you can play at least 100 times and in the second you will have 133 chances to knock the jackpot (not counting the laps you will earn each small gain). The technique is therefore to attempt the jackpot is your only chance to win a nice gain, but to make sure that you have the wherewithal to do enough testing.

Very diverse and attractive these machines can be a real money pit if you do not know how to make the best of it. Cost appears between 1 cent and 50 cents in general, but multiplied by 20 to 300 pieces each playable part, do the math and you will understand that each spin can be very expensive. Luckily on these series of machines there are usually several levels of jackpot: for the latest 1.2 or 3 pieces played on each line of potential gain. If you have a tight budget play on a machine with a 1 to 5 cents on a one coin per line and, most importantly, always play every possible line. For the secret lies in the ability that you have to unlock bonuses and free spins that are the best way to make you win a jackpot, excluding these free bonuses and other parties are unlocked and are useful if you play all lines . Play one coin per line available for a total of € 0.40 per game, so you can pretend to unlock free spins and bonuses that generally relate more chips and are indispensable. You can play at least 125 times in a row but actually play much longer, enough to actually increase your chances of winning the jackpot corresponding to 1 coin per line.

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