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Variants Of Online Bingo

Here you see how our bingo game looks. The bingo game from our website play directly without downloading for you to begin. No annoying software You can login first before you start playing. This is fixed to a chat name to be making and this has many advantages. If you play paid bingo and you stop but money still you can leave in your account. When you log back in next time, you can just continue playing. Sign lasts approximately 15 seconds. Once you're in the bingo game you can play for free or for money. If you play for money, you could win the pot and the super pot. You can choose bingo rooms 10, 25 and 50 cents. The higher you bet, the more you can win.

The nice thing about our bingo is that you never play alone. Our site has become so popular that there are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, many players are online. If the balls are drawn to have a cozy chat with other players and online bingo friends. If there is a prize, is also mentioned in the chat window who won. What more do you want, play bingo, chance to win the pot and chatting with other players! It's all on Bingo most agreeable online bingo website in the Netherlands.

There is a fun new game element added to our bingo site, if you play for real money makes you every few rounds shot at the super pot. This pot is a kind of jackpot and can increase considerably! You can also win super pot top of the normal pot. With online bingo, you can choose from multiple bingo rooms where you can play. There are bingo rooms with the following rates: 10, 25 and 50 cents. You can buy up to 10 cards and a minimum of 1 per bingo round. The online bingo game works just like the real bingo, the ticking of a total of 24 numbers in a row of 5 by 5 are shown and where the middle plane is always empty. At the top is the word BINGO. In the first vertical line, under B, the numbers 1 to 15 can stand under the I columns of figures 16 to 30 may occur in the N line only four digits (four plus one blank), and these can include the numbers 31 to 45, the G may consist of a row of numbers in the range 46 to 60 and the last row, the row R can be numbers in the range of 61 to 75 In order to make as much as possible, the possible combinations are the figures not printed in order. Than the same cards also come for but there is a chance that bingo is on multiple cards at once. Are you looking for the rules for other online casino games, go to casino. The amount you can win depends entirely on the number of players playing in a room and the number of tickets that have all bought them totally. 30% of the pattern potpies goes to the pot (a full pattern), and the remaining 70% for the pot at a full card. Top right you can see how much money is currently in the pots.

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